During the recent economic downturn, more and more people are switching to the MLM industry. Many people are very excited about MLM and want to be a part of it, especially in developing countries. It gives you autonomy. As long as you understand what business goods and services are and that it is not a scam, MLM will continue to thrive, and appetite for quality products, in particular, will increase. People today are more independent than ever in their lives!  There are different MLM Plans and MLM Software to boost the MLM businesses.

Our Business MLM Software Company is a leading MLM Software provider specializing in developing MLM software. Here we provide all the applications related to MLM; Whether it is MLM software or matrix plan or generation plan or any other MLM-related plan as per our client’s needs and requirements. Not only that, but we also provide many value-added products such as SMS sending software and printing software testing, etc…In this article, we discuss MLM Matrix Plan, Matrix Plan MLM Software and its features and benefits, etc…

What is MLM Matrix Plan?

The Matrix MLM Plan is one of the best compensation plans commonly referred to as the ‘Forced Matrix Compensation Plan’ where employees/team members are arranged in a fixed number of rows and columns and is suitable for all types of MLM businesses. This plan follows a pyramid scheme that balances self-growth and supports team growth and it includes a fixed number of recruits sponsored by a distributor. There is a limit to the width and depth of sponsoring downline members, which is calculated as width * depth.

How does the MLM Matrix Plan work?

The MLM Matrix plan is an organizational structure of a fixed number of rows and columns. It works on the team effort. The matrix plan sets out the number of front-line associates a team member may have. A limited number of members are arranged in a matrix structure. Therefore, once a member reaches that particular level, any new associates he or she sponsors will be arranged under one of his or her existing frontline associates. The additional members will be added to the existing members’ downlines and increase sales of their offline members. It is called “spillover” and it is a key term in the matrix plan. Spillover ensures the sustainable development of the entire team rather than the unbalanced advancement of individual team members.

The structure of the MLM matrix plan is similar to adding default members and spilling over additional members to their downline. The new members join the network at various levels. This makes the compensation easier to manage and calculates the commission for each distributor. You can sponsor your first level, usually up to five. The most frequently used MLM matrix plans are 2 × 2, 4 × 7, 5 × 7, 3 × 9, and 2 × 12.

What is the structure of the MLM Matrix Plan?

The MLM Matrix plan has a fixed structure of rows and columns. It is a solid structure of the n * n matrix, where n means the rows and columns. The new member will be added to the next level of a network under the downline of an existing member.

What are the benefits of using the MLM Matrix Plan?

  • The MLM Matrix Plan fosters and improves group sales
  • In this plan, deeper the plan will earn more compensations.
  • In MLM Matrix Plan, when the frontline is full, distributors become active and they automatically start adding more members.
  • When a sponsor descends from a matrix tree it leaves a ‘hole’. This hole creates variations in the commission or bonus payout. This position compression allows the admin to move a downline member to that location and fill that hole. The empty slot left by the downline member can then be filled by adding the next new member to that space.

What is Matrix Plan MLM Software?

The Matrix plan MLM software is an online application that follows the MLM Matrix plan and helps the MLM sponsor to track your downline revenues and expenses. It is efficient for MLM organizations of all sizes and it reduces the manual work that MLM companies do.

Business MLM provides fully-featured custom-made Matrix MLM plan software for our valuable clients.  Our Matrix MLM software is a high-end, market-ready enterprise utility and it successfully manages and automates marketing, prospecting, recruiting, training, and pay processes.

How does b Business MLM’s Matrix Plan MLM Software Works?

The MLM Matrix Company can set different levels like 2, 3, and 5, i.e. 3 widths and 5 depths. Business MLM provides Matrix MLM software for those who are ready to start their own MLM business. A Matrix is an important part of multilevel marketing software and it is designed to function as a multi-level marketing compensation plan based on all of these environments. In addition, the organizational tree structure is well defined in its width and depth with a specific ‘n * n’ value. With our MLM Matrix Plan Calculator, calculate commissions for your multi-level marketing efforts. Due to its structure, this plan limits the number of pioneers in an organizational setup.

 Features of Business MLM’s Matrix Plan MLM Software

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Easy to use and easy to operate
  • Highly secured system
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy customization
  • Multi payment system
  • Multi-language system
  • Payment Gateway
  • 24 x 7 supports
  • CRM Integration
  • Genealogy Tree
  • E-Wallet, E-Pin Integration
  • Replicated Website
  • Replicated Website
  • Admin panel
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Live support etc…

What are the benefits of using Matrix MLM Plan Software?

  • According to the compensation plan, the MLM company can increase the width of its matrix tree using our MLM software
  • Our MLM Matrix plan Software is simple and easy to understand, so it explains the concept of MLM plans. Therefore the MLM companies and networkers easily motivate their downline.
  • The uniqueness of the Matrix MLM plan is that according to the downline works take advantage of their upline, so upline always leads their downline to grow their network.
  • When the matrix is narrower and deeper, get the greater the effect.
  •  The matrix plan has no breakaway system.  So it is easily managed

Commissions provided by Matrix Plan MLM Software

  • Sponsor or Referral Commission

This is the direct commission that the sponsor earns whenever he recruits a new member to the network.

  • Level Commission

This commission is paid when a new member gets placed under your level.

  • Matching Commission

The sponsor gets a percentage of the commission when his downline earn a commission

  • Position Commission

When the downline team members add new members under his Matrix tree, they get an additional commission called position commission.

How to use Matrix MLM Calculator?

The MLM calculator in a Matrix Plan MLM Software is used to calculate the profit commission at different levels of each member. Our Business MLM developing the best MLM calculator that is easy to access.


At Business MLM, we provide fully featured customized Matrix Plan MLM software that meets your needs by creating a business and developing it by adding more people to it. So if you want to maximize your business plans, you can go to our Matrix Plan MLM software. This will enable you to get an option to make more and more profit by expanding the network. With all its advantages, people are eager to join this network and some of the work done on the matrix plan is likely to succeed, and this success is beyond the reach of the business MLM!